Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

create a sanctuary in your soul

you have a heart that God create, you should believe in yourself too grow a happiness in you soul.
make life like its a dream gaze by the star too make you sink in the moonlight to ease your soul into a dreamy escape.
smile is your secret weapon to make your surrounding curious but make them warm so smile and drip joyfulness.
don't bottle up your self with bitterness and sadness if so you feel like that share to your loved ones or a journal.
be your self that's the cure to the key of life :)
respect your soul respect God respect your family respect people just be the one that people can feel that you can make them feel respected.
so no need to worry if you think your soul is rotten hey people make mistake, God has made us all the same yet different our heart and soul are in the same shape but we all have one of a kind soul.
let your soul be a sanctuary free yourself and yes be you and yes you will always be loved .

Thanisa Tasha N.

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